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Adding the Jump Rope to your Boxing or your Regular Workout

For a small amount of money one can procure the most beneficial tool in one’s workout arsenal.  The jump rope is a unique and fun way to burn a TON of calories.  Per one hour period, the jump rope workout allows a person to burn as much as 1,000 calories and have fun doing it!

Jumping rope is ultimately one of the most rewarding modes of fitness, but can be the most challening.  Finding the best rope for you is the first step: recommended beginner’s ropes are leather, plastic, or beaded, and are non-weighted.  To test the correct size of the jump rope, stand in the center of the rope and stretch the handles up to chest height.  Adjust as needed for comfortable length.

boxingpic3Jumping rope for at least a couple of rounds targets every part of your body: your legs [especially calves], your arms and upper body, and your abdominals.  Along with targeting those areas of the body, jumping rope increases weight loss, agility, balance, endurance and cardiovascular health.  And hey, it’s portable, so you can take it with you whenever you need to fit in a quick workout outside of the gym!

What’s great, too, is that it is low impact, lower even than jogging, so it is great to integrate it into your workout without too much strain on the knees, ankles, and joints.  You can pop in some fast-paced music and set the round timer or stop watch for three minutes and keep going until you can’t any longer! Keep in mind that the jump rope is a difficult thing to master and will not happen over night.  It takes practice and dedication to receive the full benefits of this great conditioning tool.  Don’t give up!  Once it is mastered it is the BEST way to get a great workout in and out of the gym.  For the first few times one attempts the jump rope, he or she should consider those sessions as skill workouts.  At that point, one should try interval training, jumping as many times in 20 seconds, then 30, and so on, in order to gain a certain comfort level with the rope.  After the skill is mastered, the jump rope sessions can be used as intense conditioning sessions.  Speed and agility come with time and practice, but the most important thing to do before beginning any routine is to stretch, stretch, stretch!

Once you get all of your stamina and agility in line, you can begin to create small workout routines centered around the jump rope.  Some ideas would include rounds of jump rope with drills in between rounds: burpees, squats [jump squats, deep squats, etc.], mountain climbers, ab workouts, push-ups, and other arm workouts.

Please let us know if you would like for one of our staff members to help you get started with your jump rope routine.  We are always ready and happy to help.  Happy skipping and remember, “Cinderella, dressed in yella /Went upstairs to see her fellow,/ How many kisses did she get?…two…”

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