The Jab: How to Throw a Left Jab – Odenton Fitness Boxing

The Jab

The jab, the left jab for right handed boxers, may be the most important punch in boxing. More than half of the punches you will throw are jabs because when you train like a boxer, you throw punches that boxers do in actual boxing matches. At least half of a boxer’s punches will be straight jabs.

The jab might be the least powerful punch. Then why is the jab the “most popular” punch? Because it can be thrown without compromising your defensive posture. In a real boxing match, boxers jab to control the fight, wear down the opponent and to set up the power punches and combinations. Because we train like real fighters, we are throwing a lot of jabs.

First, put your feet in your normal balanced stance, i.e. left foot forward if you are right handed with your body at a 45° angle. Your left hand should be in front of your face and your right hand tucked under the right side of your chin. Both elbows should be tucked close to your body because you are protecting yourself against your imaginary opponent.

Next, you want to aim at the target with your back knuckles. As you deliver the punch, you want to slide your left foot forward and shift your weight forward slightly. A jab does not have a full weight shift because you are staying back in your defensive posture. Accordingly, your initial body weight distribution remains relatively constant when throwing a jab. Move your shoulder forward, locking out your arm and elbow out (but don’t hyperextend your elbow), rotating the palm of your hand downward towards the floor. The wrist should remain straight. Ann extension of the arm and that allowing the wrist to bend can cause injuries to the wrist. When throwing the punch, rotate your arm so that your hand makes a small half clockwise turn.

Anytime you throw a punch, you are exposed from your perfect defensive posture. But with the jab, you should not remain exposed long as your arm is brought back to your body quickly. Pull your arm back exactly as you threw the punch, following the same path as your delivery. Make sure you hold your other hand high to pick off the counter punches your (imaginary) opponent may throw.