Extreme Strength Agility and Conditioning (SAC)

Extreme Strength Agility and Conditioning (SAC) is a performance boosting workout designed to take your strength and endurance to the next level. The workouts are always challenging and include cross training, body weight exercises, TRX suspension straps, battle ropes, sleds, tires and much more to ensure a variety in every workout. SAC will work your entire body, with an emphasis on your core.
SAC is great for any fitness level, as we will incorporate modifications for both beginners and advanced fitness levels.

Testimonial from Dawn Miller:

“What are you going at 8am Sunday mornings? If your answer is not “sweating in Na’eem’s class” you are missing an awesome workout. Stop in at Odenton Fitnesss and give it a try. I guarantee you will be very happy with the results you achieve and Na’eem will help you every step of the way.”