The Speed Bag – The Benefits

The Speed Bag: A Boxing Essential

            The speed bag is inflated with the air of mystique. There’s a speed bag in every boxing movie from Raging Bull to Rocky VI, a pair of gloves snap it back and forth with speed and ease as the viewer gets pumped up. But no special skill is required to get the speed bag into the rythym you are used to seeing in every movie. It requires just a little practice to hit the speed bag like a pro. (Click here for speed bag tips.)

Benefits of Speed Bag

      Typically used by boxers, adding the speed bag to any workout can be beneficial. The largest benefit to speed bag training is improved hand-eye coordination which is necessary in all sports using a ball…baseball, volleyball, basketball, the list goes on and on. Hand-eye coordination is very important in the sport of boxing as the boxer needs to throw punches accurately while simultaneously avoiding the punches of their opponent.

      Another benefit to speed bag training is improved rhythm and timing and increased reaction time. Once the speed bag is struck, the user can allow the bag to rebound, meaning hit the platform behind and in front of the bag 3, 5 or even 7 times before striking it again. The fewer the rebounds, the more challenging the exercise. Beginners can start with 7 rebounds, and then decrease the number of rebounds as their rhythm and timing improves. Improved reaction time will allow the user to anticipate the return of the speed bag and will also help with all sports, not only boxing.

      Improved shoulder and arm strength and endurance are added benefits from regular speed bag training. If you are looking to add definition to your shoulders and arms, the speed bag is a great way to accomplish this goal! It is also a lot more fun than 87 sets of shoulder raises!

      The speed bag is a piece of equipment that everyone can use and benefit from using regardless of age, gender, and fitness level. Use of the speed bag has a very low risk of injury and is an activity that anyone can try their hand at anytime! You may want to wrap your hand or use bag gloves however before you start!