The Left Hook: How to Throw a Left Hook – Odenton Fitness Boxing

The Left Hook

       The hook, the left hook for right handed boxers, it a critical punch in any boxer’s arsenal. Below is some advice on developing a quality hook. The left hook a difficult punch to master until you do and you wonder why it was difficult in the first place. To explain, we assume you are right-handed but if you are left-handed just follow the reverse (as you have all of your life!)

      As with every punch, the punch begins from the classic stance. An instant before throwing the punch, lean to your left. Bring you left elbow up so that it is bent at 90% and the inside of the arm is parallel to the floor, forming sort of a hook shape. Keep your hand still close to your body. Dropping it or letting it out to far take us out of a defensive posture.

     Your left palm should face downward while you simultaneously pivot on the ball of your left foot and your left heal turns outward . Fire your hand quickly through in clockwise arc across the front of the body to the target. Your left hand should be guided by the power in your hips and back in a short, swift twising motion.