Shadow Boxing – The Benefits and Overview

Shadow Boxing

    Shadow boxing is one of the many activities performed in our Olympic size boxing ring.  Let’s take a look at what shadow boxing is and why boxers do it. For specific tips on shadow boxing, click here. heavy bag

    Shadow boxing is often times a warm-up to a boxing workout utilizing heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags and double end bags.  Shadowboxing is a cardiovascular workout and gets the boxers muscles warmed up for the more strenuous bag workout that lies ahead. 

    Boxers shadowbox in front of a mirror when starting out to perfect their technique and watch how accurately they are throwing their punches.  More experienced boxers, shadowbox in the ring where they can move around more and practice both offensive and defensive exercises. 

    Frequently, when training for an upcoming competition or bout, boxers will envision their opponent and shadowbox as if they are in the ring with that particular opponent.  For example, if a boxer knows they are going to compete against a south-paw, they may practice their defensive strategy as opposed to the more traditional defense that would be used when competing against an orthodox fighter.  In addition to practicing different punching combinations, shadowboxing also allows boxers to enhance the speed of their punches as they are not hitting an actual target.