Maryland Boxing for Kids: Children and Teenagers Boxing Classes and Lessons in Odenton Maryland

Boxing For Kids: Boxing for Children and Teenagers at Odenton Fitness Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have a boxing program at Odenton Fitness kids?

A: Yes! Odenton Fitness has the most complete boxing program for boys and girls in the state of Maryland. (To see the club, check out this Washington Post profile, this HBO video, or watch this video.)

Q: My thirteen year-old son is interested in boxing and I think it would help him gain discipline and self esteem. But he’s worried he will feel intimidated in a boxing gym with a lot of boxers. Will he feel comfortable or intimidated at your boxing gym?

A: Couple of thoughts here. First, Club One has boxing for all shapes and sizes – girls, women, people in their 60s and 70s (no 80s… yet), and children as young as 7. So that breaks down the intimidation factor by about 500%. Morever, and this is a big difference between Odenton Fitness and other boxing gyms, we are a full service health club. The members at Club One are incredibly accepting of boxers of all different ages and experience levels. In fact, I think most people admire the new boxers and welcome them aboard with open arms.

Q: Why boxing for my child?

A: If you have read this far, you probably already have some idea. Team sports certainly help build self confidence, a sense of teamwork, and discipline. But boxing and mixed martial arts classes are far more beneficial than team sports in building your child’s self esteem, discipline and confidence. No one has ever fully explained why but we think that kids get lost in the shuffle in team sports. In contrast, boxing is a unique skill that their friends do not have. This commands admiration from a child’s peers. More practically, kids and young adults who are able to defend themselves have more confidence than children that don’t. (Karate, while a wonderful art form that is good for learning discipline, does not really lend much in this regard. Have you ever seen a kid adaquately defend himself/herself using karate?) At Odenton Fitness, we seek is to build confidence, self- esteem, discipline, that you child can carry with him/her throughout the course of their lives.

Q: Okay, it all sounds great but it is going to cost a fortune, I’m sure. What is the damage?

A: We have affordable memberships and our boxing classes are free with a Odenton Fitness membership. Not a single hidden fee.

Q: What else can my kids do besides boxing at Odenton Fitness?

A: Again, we are a full service health club. In addition to boxing, your child can pick up a basketball, jump on a treadmill, lift some weights, or jump into a group exercise class. At Club One, you have a lot of weapons in your arsenal to get fit and stay fit even if boxing or mixed martial arts are your child’s primary focus (it also give parents something to do during lessons).

Children of all ages skill levels – including beginners – will be comfortable training in our supportive environment. For all of the equipment we have, the best part of our boxing gym is that people of all skill levels feel comfortable. People just starting to box are made to feel very comfortable hitting a bag next to a professional boxer. Not many boxing gyms can make this claim. We can.

If you are interested in more information on our boxing program at Odenton Fitness, call Christen at 410-729-3900 or contact us on line.