Women’s Boxing Classes at Odenton Fitness in Maryland

In our nation’s biggest cities, health conscious women are participating in boxing as their primary exercise in massive numbers. Why? Because boxing is one of the few whole body workouts and women, even more so than men, are interested in toning their entire body in a short period of time. Also, because of the physicality of boxing, it burns off stress in a way that no other activity can. Moreover, boxing, for reasons that even transend the body shaping benefits of boxing, improves the self confidence of women both socially and in the workplace.

Why then, has women’s boxing not taken off as well in the suburbs and in smaller cities like Baltimore? The reason why is that typical “boxing gyms” that are not part of major mega big city health clubs, do not cator to women. The environment is uncomfortable, there is no day care for children, the club is not clean, and there is not an opportunity to engage in other forms of exerices on days when you do not feel like throwing a punch.

Odenton Fitness in Odenton, Maryland remedies these problem. The club has daycare, it is spotless clean, and it creates and environment where women who are just learning to box. Odenton Fitness is a white collar boxing gym with an environment and facility where girls and women learning to box can feel at home.

The following are a few frequently asked questions about female boxing at Odenton Fitness:

Question: Do you have free classes for women?

Answer: There are 2- 4 free boxing classes at Odenton Fitness every weekday. Our boxing classes are usually 45 minutes to one hour long. What you do in class depends on the skill level of the class.

Question: How can I come take a boxing class when I feel intimiated walking into any health club much less a health club where there is boxing?

Answer: This might be the best question anyone could ask. If women could get over the intimidation factor, there would be 100 clubs in Maryland like ours instead of just one. All of the barriers are psychological. Here is what you should do: come in the club. Ask for Christen, Kathy or Vicki (one of whom is almost always there). Tell them you want to see the club. The intimidation factor usually falls the minute you walk in. We cannot call our club a “judgment free zone” because that phrase has been copyrighted. But you get the idea. Odenton Fitness is absolutely a place where women who can barely throw a punch can feel comfortable learning how to box.

Question: I have a 10 year-old daughter. Can she box with me?

Answer: Absolutely. You must be 8 years-old to join.

Question: I want to throw punch and tone my whole body in a way that only boxing can. But… ah… I don’t want to get hit or hit anyone else. Will I still get the same experience?

Answer: The idea behind our boxing program is the workout it provides. Most of our members do not engage in contact of any kind. Some do, but that is the minority of our members who box.

Question: I am woman. Can I feel comfortable boxing with men?

Answer: This is another way of asking the same question above about the intimidation factor. The answer is you absolutely will feel comfortable. Most every boxing class we have as women in the class.

Question: What if I want to workout one day and I don’t feel like boxing?

Answer: Odenton Fitness is a full health and fitness club that also happens to have the best white collar boxing gym in Maryland. Club One has a full line of cardio and strength equipment, aerobics class and everything else you would expect from a full service health club.

Question: Do you have private boxing trainers?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I need a private boxing trainer?

Answer: Of course, the answer to that is “it depends.” If your goal is simply to get fit, tone your whole body and reduce stress, the answer is no. If you are trying to refine your boxing skills is a more substantial way or if you want a little extra help in getting organized and getting the most out of your boxing workout, we have incredible personal boxing trainers available to serve you.

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