Youth Programs

Our youth programs provide workouts in a group setting. Together kids train towards perfecting performance in a variety of areas including karate, boxing and speed and agility for all sports. Our youth programs start at age 5 and go through the high school years.

Junior Strength and Agility

This junior camp is aimed at the younger athletes who are serious about improving their agility, quickness, power and strength to help enhance their athletic potential. This camp is open to all current third through eighth graders. The athletes will be active in agility drills, dynamic flexibility, speed training, basic plyometrics, medicine ball strength training, resistance training and more!!!


Discipline. Self-defense. Hard work. Our youth Karate program focuses on these topics to provide children with lessons in form and fitness. They’ll be kicking and training towards a healthier, stronger body and mind! In the karate program, they will progress in rank through rank tests and tournaments and have the opportunity to work up to a black belt. Our youth karate program builds self-esteem, confidence and self-control. Ages 5 and up.

Youth Boxing

For our younger members, we offer Boxing for Kids (ages 8-14) for a great afterschool workout! Don’t let the name fool you, though. Younger members learn the basics while blasting through workouts designed to burn calories, and build strength! There is no contact in the class, however, the children learn how to accurately and effectively throw punches using the heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag and upper cut bag. This is a great class for any child that has experienced bullying as it builds self-esteem and confidence.