Women’s Self Defense

Women’s Self-Defense is a program designed to equip and prepare you for the unimaginable while having fun in the process of learning.  We will give you the knowledge, conditioning, and training to provide you with the tools to get out of an unsafe situation.  We use a hands-on technique to roll-play with students and demonstrate proven techniques to get away from an attacker.  Our Self-Defense curriculum centers around the dynamic four: Safety, Prevention, Awareness, and Defense.

This class understands that the vast majority is what is taught in women’s self-defense seminars is useless in a real life attack. So this class puts you in real life situations and teaches you how to react in the safest way possible. There is a strong emphasis or pragmatism. No one is going to become Bruce Lee. But there are realistic self-defense strategies that you will learn that can make a difference if you are in a tough spot.

The next session will begin on Saturday, November 1st at 11am.  This program runs for 4 weeks.

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Private Self-Defense Training