New You New Body – Transformation Challenge

Do you love NBC’s Biggest Loser? Do you wish you could achieve the transformations that they reach on the ranch? If your answer is yes, then this challenge is for you!! The New You, New Body Transformation Challenge adapts the television show for real life. The NYNB Challenge incorporates accountability, team support, challenging workouts, nutrition education, and a friendly competitive atmosphere.

The NYNB Transformation Challenge is formatted to increase your opportunity to succeed. Pillars of support are embedded in the structure of the program, to ensure you have continual encouragement to achieve your goals. Teamwork and accountability are paramount to your success in this challenge.

Starting with the orientation, all of the “before” data is collected. Pictures are taken, measurements are taped, and teams are assigned. These tools are only use for progress assessment purposes only, also, you can see for yourself the amazing results of your hard work. The first 2 weeks are focused on the more difficult part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition! Our hands-on method for addressing this issue includes field lectures at Whole Foods Market and Wegman’s grocery stores. The second attack on healthy nutrition is in the maintenance of a daily food log that is checked weekly.

The next phase of the transformation intensifies accountability. The increasing intensity of workouts while maintaining everything that you’ve learned in the first part of the challenge accumulate into physical and mental growth. Workouts completed outside of our challenge also account for credit and effort of your overall results. The final phase of the transformation emphasizes the “outside of yourself”. The more dedicated each individual is, the better the overall team will do.

Just as on the “Biggest Losers”, there are winners and those who win BIG!! The individual that loses the highest percentage of body weight wins. That individual receives: $100 cash, a supplement basket ($200 value), 3 personal training sessions from both trainers in the challenge. As a team there is also an opportunity to have success. Throughout the challenge there is a point system in place. 1 point is credited for attending every workout, logging in with your team daily, regular weekly maintenance of your food log, and every workout done outside of the challenge. The team with the highest accumulated points wins!

This challenge is intended to give you positive support on your weight loss journey, in a fun and social way. All-the-while holding you accountable for your actions to maximize your personal results. If your ready to transform yourself from what and where you are, to what and where you want to be, come in, sign up, and take the NEW YOU, NEW BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE!!!