Group Personal Training in Odenton

Group Personal Trainers at Odenton Fitness in Odenton

     Are you interested in personal training, but not sure if your ends would meet? Group training is now available and would cost as little as $20 for an hour session if in a group of three or more! So, talk with your friends, co-workers, and family and make plans to train together! This is a great and affordable opportunity to get in shape for the holidays!

     Our group training program at Odenton Fitness is much more than just a trainer walking you from station to station. Our group personal training program allows you to get the ultimate cross-training experience. It is an energtic workout involving anythign and everything to make your workout fun: dumbbells, free weights, ball, punching bags and gloves, benches, weighted bars, resistance bands, balance boards, stability balls, agility equipment,your own body weight, and more! Your certified personal trainer will take your through a routine that you will get you in shape fast while also being a fun filled hour. All of our personal trainers are nationally certified and well well-versed in the best, latest, and safest ways to get fit.

     See Lauren or Christen for more information on this great deal and opportunity to get a jump start on your healthy resolutions for 2008!

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