Free Personal Training at Odenton Fitness

Complimentary Orientation

Are you like so many other Americans in that you like the idea of working out, you believe it is good for you, however, you have absolutely no idea what to do and where to begin?  At Odenton Fitness, we solve this problem for you…complimentary orientation sessions with one of our certified personal trainers will get you started on the right track to reaching your goals! 

The first complimentary orientation session will begin with an inquiry into fitness goals, a brief medical history, and an inquisition into previous workout experience.  After learning about where the member has been and where the member would like to go, the instruction and workout will begin.  Each orientation session is different as it is based on individual goals, we don’t do cookie-cutter workouts assuming that everyone would benefit from the same routine. The instruction portion consists of the trainer showing you how to operate the cardio equipment (treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, and elliptical trainers), which programs should or should not do, and duration of each activity and at what intensity the exercise should be performed, again based on individual fitness goals.

Strength training or toning exercises are introduced in the second complimentary training session.  In this session, the member will learn how to use on two strength lines as well as free weights to provide a well-rounded program.  The trainer will demonstrate and instruct the member on proper form as well as how much weight should be used for any given exercise.

Finally, the trainer will give the member a thorough, complete and safe program based on the member’s individual fitness goals designed to get results!  Members can store their personal workout record at the club or take it home.  The personal workout record will allow the member to track their progress as they begin a regular workout routine at Club One Fitness in Odenton/Millersville!

Continued one-on-one instruction is available, see the section on Personal Training for more information!