Fr. Meade Boxing Gym: Odenton Fitness just outside of Ft. Meade

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If you are like most people in our military, keeping in shape is of the utmost importance and, in fact a requirement. While I am sure Ft. Meade has an excellent facility for our men and women in the Army, you may be looking for a little bit more…maybe boxing to keep in shape? We, like most other gyms, have treadmills and ellipticals, and the equipment you would expect to find in a health club (though I will say our cardio equipment is equipped with flat screen televisions, unlike most other clubs), but we have much more! Our boxing program is one of the best out there and consists of 12 boxing classes per week and we are always adding more! Boxing classes are a fantastic way to get a complete workout, combing cardiovascular training with resistance training. This combination will lead to a more toned you in no time! Our boxing coaches aren’t quite as bad as your instructors you had in basic training, but they take your workout seriously, and will have you in tip-top shape before you have time to finish a Jody Call!

Odenton Fitness is also offers discounts to military, so be sure to check us out! We are 5 minutes away from the base! Feel free to call for directions if you are new to the area!