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The Odenton Fitness Team

Christen Jeter

Christen is an owner/general manager of Odenton Fitness. She graduated from the University of Virginia and has degree in Psychology in 1999. Christen received her personal training certification while attending the University of Virginia. She is also certified in facility management and group exercise. Christen manages the club and can be found in the club morning, noon and night although less often in the mornings, however :-0. For fun, Christen loves taking group exercise classes, running, and traveling. Her most recent trips were to Japan, Vietnam and Thailand (her sister works in Vietnam for the State Department). Ask her about it, she loves talking about her trip!

Christen’s professional aspiration is clear and unambiguous: for our members to love Odenton Fitness and for them to get the very most of their workouts at Club One. If she can be of help to you in any way in your effort to achieve your personal goals or if you have an idea – any idea at all – about how to make Club One a better place, call her at 410-674-0298 , e-mail her at, or simply give her your thoughts when you see her at Odenton Fitness.

Kerri Galloway

Kerri is a nursing student at Anne Arundel Community College. She has worked at Odenton Fitness for a little over four years. Kerri is a membership consultant and certified personal trainer at Odenton Fitness Monday through Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday on the weekends. She received her Personal Training Certification in November 2004. Kerri is also a certified Group Exercise instructor, teaching a Step and Tone class on Thursday mornings.

Kerri is dedicated to making your experience at Club One as enjoyable and fruitful as possible. Contact her if she can be of any help to you in meeting your fitness goals.

Jennifer Witoski

Jen is a graduate of Susquehanna University and has a degree in Broadcasting/Communications. She is currently studying nursing at Howard Community College and would like to pursue a career in geriatrics. Jen is a certified personal trainer and enjoys snowboarding, swimming, and cooking nutritious food! She is also involved in many community service activities, and is in the process of putting together a team for the 2007 Arthritis Walk. Let Jen know if you would like to participate!

Kail Bosque

Kail Bosque is in his third year of college and is studying business. Kail loves doing jiu jitsu and hopes to have his own academy one day. He is also in the process of becoming a personal trainer and looks forward to helping members of the Odenton Fitness family reach their fitness goals. When he’s not at the gym (which is hardly ever J) or practicing jiu jitsu, he enjoys outside activities such as snowboarding, playing different sports with friends, going to the beach or just hanging out watching movies.

Ruth O’Hehir

Ruthie is in her junior year at Pennsylvania State University. She is studying Engineering Science, Spanish, and International Studies. Ruthie enjoys weight training, swimming, music, and traveling. You can find Ruthie in the club Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Ghani Walee

Ghani Walee is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He studied Community Health at the University of Cincinnati and then moved on to the Canadian Football League where he played professional football for five years. A personal trainer for 17 years, Ghani has also worked as a bodyguard and kickboxing instructor. Ghani trains all from professional athletes to first time exercisers. Upon request, Ghani can give you a list of references that are about a mile long!

Candice Allgood

Candice is a sports medicine/nursing student at Anne Arundel Community College.  Candice is an avid tennis player and has been playing for 13 years.  This summer, she is participating in a few tennis touraments.  You can find Candice at Odenton Fitness five days a week, usually running on a treadmill.  You will also see Candice at the front desk Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon.