candice-downsCandice Downs

Pilates Instructor-Odenton Fitness Since 2009

Before Candice began instructing Pilates at Odenton Fitness, she was a member of the gym, Like many Americans, Candice struggled with her weight for many years before deciding to truly dedicate herself to a lifestyle of health and fitness. During her journey towards losing 105 pounds, Candice dedicated her life to help others achieve their weight loss goals through Pilates!

Pilates assisted Candice in achieving her weight loss goals, and is still used to help maintain her weight loss at this time.

Through Pilates, Candice helps members of her class improve their Flexibility, Core Strength, Balance, and increase Body Awareness. Candice instructs Pilates Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:15pm

You can find Candice at the gym working out 5-6 days out of the week! Stop by and say “Hi”.

Zumba instructorTerrina Weatherspoon

Zumba Instructor – Odenton Fitness Since 2014

In 2010, while deployed to Afghanistan, Terrina discovered Zumba. Despite the odd location, Zumba was the one thing she clung to that could make everything else disappear. When she returned home in 2011 she decided to get licensed and bring that feeling to the people she loved. Zumba helped Terrina lose 20 pounds while she was in Afghanistan, and has continued to help her maintain her weight, improve her cardiovascular health and have fun doing it.

In addition, Zumba helps participants with flexibility, core strength and coordination. All levels are encouraged to attend and it doesn’t matter if you can dance or not! The great thing about Zumba is that it is for EVERYBODY!

Mary MooreMary Moore

Spin Instructor – Odenton Fitness Since 2012

Mary has been a certified Spin Instructor for over 2 years. Mary is certified through the elite MAD DOGG ATLETHICS INC., and is CPR & First Aide certified…just in case;-)! Mary retired after servicing in the United States Army for over 20 years. She spent 8 years as a Master Fitness Trainer, training and conditioning soldiers of the United States Armed Forces to be “Army Strong” beginning at all fitness levels.

Mary volunteers her time with at risk youth at a residential treatment program to teach teens about health and fitness.

Mary enjoys campaigning for 5k Walks, 10k Runs and 3 hr. Spin-A-Thons for special charity events, such as, The Fight to Cure Cancer, Heart Disease and Walking for Autism
Come to Odenton Fitness and experience Spin at a new level of fun for the MIND, BODY and SOUL!