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Odenton Fitness Millersville/Odenton’s CardioTheater’s full line Exercise Entertainment system allows Club One members to watch and listen to individually selected audiovisual entertainment choices while exercising on our bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers and stairclimbers. Odenton Fitness members can select any one of up to 12 different audiovisual sources at the simple touch of a button. Other cardio equipment at Odenton Fitness has build-in LCD screens for your personal viewing pleasure.

The point of all of this obviously is to that at least sometimes, a good cardio workout is hard work. We realize this at Club One and we try to provide you the best available tools to keep your mind on something else besides the difficulty of your workout. Come and enjoy your favorite television shows while taking a run one of our state-of-the art bikes, treadmills, or cross-trainers.