Maryland Mixed Martial Arts Gym: Baltimore Area Martial Arts Training

UFC Training in Maryland

Odenton Fitness is the only mixed martial arts gym in Maryland that provides the full array of equipment to properly train and/or compete in mixed martial arts. At Club One, you can train for competitive mixed martial arts or you can simply train like a mixed martial arts champion. Mixed martial arts is not only good training for competition, it is also the best self defense training that is being taught because it most mimics situations people encounter with aggression out in the real world.

Club One provides training including mixed martial arts technique classes, private one-on-one training with a mixed martial arts instructor, nutrition advice and a state of the art fitness club that provides weight-lifting, fitness, running and yoga programs to be the best MMA fighter you can be.

Our mixed martial training teaches in the “the gentle art,” providing instruction that relies perfectly executed moves, not just muscular force. Our mixed martial arts instructors teach from the start and follow through on every move MMA more safely. You are taught the precise amount of force that will bring an opponent down, either in the ring on in a dark alley if you are attacked.

The mixed martial arts program at Odenton Fitness in Odenton, Maryland teaches a variety of fighting techniques, a mixture of martial arts and boxing. Our mixed martial arts training includes:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – the most common taught mixed martial arts form with a focus on ground fighting.
  • Muay Thai– a “cousin” of boxing but allowing blows with the feet, knees and elbowsand elbows.
  • Boxing – In addition to MMA, Club One has a complete boxing gym and offers free boxing instruction to all members
  • Kickboxing – similar to boxing but uses feet as well as the hands striking. Boxing – fighters use their fists to land punches.
  • Kids Programs– in boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and kickboxing.

It is worth repeating that our mixed martial arts program at Club One is both for people that want to train for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to people that just want to learn in a friendly, non-threatening environment. In terms of instruction and equipment, Odenton Fitness is the place for beginners – girls, boys, men and women – to learn the art mixed martial arts.  Odenton Fitness is the only mixed martial arts gym in Maryland that provides the full array of equipment to learn, properly train in mixed martial arts.

Odenton Fitness is located off I-97, making it convenient for members who live/work in Odenton, Millersville, Baltimore, Annapolis, Crownsville, Arnold and Severn.

If you are interested in learning more, call Christen Cunningham at 410-729-3900, email Odenton Fitness at or use this contact form to request further information.