Baltimore Boxing Gym: Odenton Fitness just outside of Baltimore

Boxing Classes at Odenton Fitness

club one boxingOdenton Fitness, located just outside of Baltimore in Odenton, Maryland provides boxing training for all fitness levels, from boxing for pure fitness for people who have never picked up a boxing glove or thrown a punch since the third grade to amateur and professional boxing. Free boxing class are available daily for all experience levels and all ages (starting at 8 years-old). (To see the club, check out this Washington Post profile, this HBO video, or watch this video.)

Odenton Fitness is the only club in the Baltimore area that fills the demand for boxing in a fun, clean and friendly environment that targets the recreational boxer and those (including and especially women) looking to avail themselves a different kind of a workout that provides both cardiovascular and strength training. Club One is unique in that it provides a facility that any professional boxer would love (many in fact do) but yet still providing an inviting atmosphere for the beginner. At Odenton Fitness, we realized that getting in the ring is not for all of us, so whether your goal is to compete, or just get in the best shape of your life, we work to get you there.