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brazilian jiu-jiutsuBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Right here in Maryland

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (or jiujitsu) is a mixed martial art self defense for developed from Japanese jiu-jitsu in Brazil.  It other words it is the Brazilian version of Japanese jiu-jitsu.  Most Brazilian jiu-jitus styles are based on the work of Carlos Gracie and his family but there is also now a  Machado style of Brazilian jujitsu that was started by a cousin of the Gracies.  While each has its own particular style, the differences are relatively negligible.

Real Self-Defense is on the Ground

Brazilian jiu-Jitsu focuses on where you find yourself in real self-defense situations: on the ground.   No one who gets attacked on a street corner ends up adequately defending themselves with a nifty jab or a powerful roundhouse kick.  Real world self-defense takes you to the ground.  Moreover, there is a good chance you want to be on the ground it such a situation.  If someone is attacking you, particularly if you are female, they are bigger and stronger than you are.   The advantages of size and strength can be negated because the strength and reach of the larger person can be mitigate with leverage when grappling on the ground.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches you how to get to the ground on your own terms and then dictate the action from there.  Brazilian jiujitsu involves the use of leverage in ground fighting with chokes, holds, throws and takedowns.
Certainly, there are similarities between Brazilian jiujitsu and wrestling.  The most notable difference is that last place you want to be when you are wrestling is on your back.  It means you lost.  In Brazilian jiujitsu, being on your back can be an opportunity to exploit. In terms of instruction and equipment, Odenton Fitness is the place for beginners – boys, girls, men and women – to learn the art of Brazilian jiujitsu.  Odenton Fitness is the only mixed martial arts gym in Maryland that provides the full array of equipment to learn, properly train in mixed martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Odenton Fitness is located off I-97, making it convenient for members who live/work in Odenton, Millersville, Baltimore, Annapolis, Crownsville, Arnold and Severn.

If you are interested in learning more, call Christen Cunningham at 410-729-3900, email Odenton Fitness at or use this contact form to request further information.

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