Annapolis Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Gym

Annapolis Boxing

Okay, let’s be honest: we are in Odenton, not Annapolis. But if you are looking to join a boxing gym or mixed martial arts club and you live in Annapolis, our boxing gym is the only reasonable options. Moreover, consider this: we literally less than a minute for I-97. We bet our boxing gym is closer than a lot of places Annapolis residents regularly frequent in Annapolis!

This logic holds true with greater force if you work in Baltimore or anywhere north of I-97. Why fight traffic trying to get back into Annapolis? Let other sit in the Annapolis traffic that is getting worse and worse. Stop off at Benfield Road (which is well before the traffic gets heavy) and come by and see our boxing gym for yourself.

Club One is an absolutely amazing state of the art facility for boxing, mixed martial arts and just getting in a regular workout. We have a special comfortable environment where everyone feels comfortable and, within weeks, everyone on our staff will know your name. Our mixed martial art and boxing gym achieves a balance between being a serious boxing gym and a place that’s not intimidating for those who don’t plan to mix it up with a live opponent, but just want to get in shape, work off some stress and have some fun.

Our goals is to meet all of your boxing needs. Accordingly, we take the leap of offering free boxing class, typcially two or more classes a day!

To see the club, check out this Washington Post profile, this HBO video, or watch this video. If you have any questions, call us at (410) 674-0298. or ask any questions online here.

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